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Episode #32 - Behind The Iron Curtain
June 21, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
As if Reaper and Eddie weren't enough to tolerate how about another menace behind the mic; our good friend Sebastian of former CRUCIFIED MORTALS drummer "fame?" sits in with us this time. Although you can expect just as much idiocy as ever, we learn a little bit about the olden times back in the homeland of Poland where Sebastian was a young metal fan developing his metal collection and awesome stache. We must ask a certain band an important question "What Happened?" and take a look at 2013's top Metal Songs of the year (yeah it's not even over yet). Charge your phone, fire up your computer and turn up your speakers, it's time for HELLCAST!


BESTIAL MOCKERY "Suicide Blasphemy" | MOTOR "Hellride" | ETERNAL SOLSTICE "Path To Perdition" | NUNSLAUGHTER "The Burning Times" | THRUSTOR "Sceptre" | DEUTERONOMY "None To Remain" | Filii Nigrantium Infernalium "Porno Krates" | NOX ILLUNIS "Sfera Quarta Della Tentazione" | DELIRIA "In The Darkness" | PHANTOM CREW "Roadkill" | SWAZAFIX "Burdened Sufferance" | TORMENTOR "Elizabeth Bathory"

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