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Episode #31 - Hungry For Dead Meat Tonight!
June 07, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
What a show we have this time, Michael Stutzer of ARTILLERY fame joins the show! We have a longer playlist for you this time as well. Plenty of stuff to rip on for "What The F!" finally with a different spin of material. We delve into our pasts with some of the bands that make us cringe to our formative metal "careers?"....not so fast tough guy we know you have plenty of embarrassment from your past too! Hear the stories, the laughs and well how the tour was for Reaper in Colombia. The time has come for another HELLCAST.


CULTES DES GHOULES "The Devil Intimate" | BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Black Witches" | HELLHOUND "Headcrusher" | EBOLA "Unholy Trinity" | DEATHSTORM "Rest" | REFUSAL "Do Your Part" | ARTILLERY "Deeds Of Darkness" | SWAMP "Slow As Death" | EMBALMING THEATRE "Penis In A Fruit Punch" | VOID MEDITATION CULT "All Of The Devil's Temple" | CRYPTRIP "Necronomicon" | BLACK BLOOD STIGMATA "Nothing Left But Ashes" | WITCHKILLER "Cry Wolf" | MACABRE "The Black Knight" | JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN "Taste The Iron"

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