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Episode #29 - Horror of the zombie Christ
March 29, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
Let us celebrate the anniversary of the death and transformation of the first zombie; Jesus Christ, with a chat with horror monger Mark of IMPETIGO! The absurdities certainly do not stop there when we chat with two inmates looking for a chance to connect with the free world by their creative metallic abilities. This is certainly to be a bittersweet classic in the metal podcast world that will have you asking yourself "What The F?!". Try not to choke on your chocolate bunny to this episode of HELLCAST!


DEADLY FROST "The Nightstalker" | PRETEEN DEATH "......Twilight" | ARCHAIC "Toxic Nightmare" | IMPETIGO "....Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell" | BLACK DEMON "Blood To Reborn" | IMPIOUS BAPTISM "Axis Of Lucifer" | DISFIGURED DEAD "Baneful Barbarity" | SABBAH NAVAHTHANI "Saoul" | TAURUS "Damien" | CEREKLOTH "Within The Hollow Crown" | GRAVFERD "Third Eye Watchtower" | RUNNING WILD "Bones To Ashes"

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