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Episode #28 - Surreal Injection Of Metal
March 15, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
It is the night of the Deceased and KING FOWLEY calls into the show giving us a surreal overdose of information on the band. Have you observed the convoluted mess that black metal has seemingly become? Heard what our metal media call "Women In Metal"? Or perhaps you just didn't get the message in the music, "What Message!?". Tie up your jogging shoes or keep feeding your fat gut while you get up to speed with HELLCAST!


NECROWRETCH "Boiled Into A Crypt" | OBEISANCE "Stairway To Hell" | AGGRESSIVE "The Metal Head Case" | DECEASED "Cloned (Day Of The Robot)" | THIRTEEN WARS "Unconvincing" | DEALER "Son Of A Bitch" | INTOXICATED "Lock Up your Daughters" | HELLSCOURGE "Antichrist's Whores" | LAPIS NIGER "Signum Quartum" | FAITHXTRACTOR "Third and Final" | STONE SOLDIER "Invincible Metal" | PANNDORA "Partners In Crime" | DREAM DEATH "Them"

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