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Episode #27 - wewhiplashedabandonce
March 01, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
Two interviews in one episode! Most namely we chat with Tony Portaro of WHIPLASH about the early classic tunes and things Reaper has pondered for years and now finally had a chance to ask. Early in the show we receive a phone call from a special guest who isn't very happy with his band's exposure from HELLCAST...who and why!? Are we flustering our metal "scene" with too many sub genres and going on a path that isn't very metal? Satisfy your curiosity and ear's craving for the vulgar sounds of HELLCAST!


HAEMORRHAGE "Hospital Thieves" | ROTTEN "Murder" | THE GATES OF SLUMBER "The Jury" | THE BLACK MORIAH "Chained And Confined" | JADE "Breakin' Away" | WEAPONIZER "War Bastard" | WHIPLASH "The Burning Of Atlanta" | VENEROR "Witchblood Arcane Sodalitt" | THOU SHALT NOT "That Which Lies Beyond" | MASSACRA "Agonizing World" | CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Possession Of Nordic Blood" | BOMBS OF HADES "Funeral" | PHLEBOTOMIZED "Desecration Of Alleged Christian History"

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