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Episode #24 - Scream!... Bloody!... Doink!!!
January 18, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan

Starting off the New Year with a bang! So we get Chris Reifert of AUTOPSY on the horn and have a chat, delving into the glory days and numerous other things as you would expect from an interview conducted by Reaper. Plenty of new music to hear and enjoy, all the while a few new things brought to our attention to give a firm “what the f?” to. Fail your New Years resolution and waste the next 2 hours of your time; tune into HELLCAST!


IRON DOGS "Death’s Driver | STORMHUNTER "Perfect World | IAPETHOS "Into The Dimension Of The Horned One | WARHEAD "State Of Chaos | NECROVEN "Defeat Of The Stagnant Sickness | MORDWOLF "Before The Rot | AUTOPSY "Critical Madness | DEATH "Mutiliation | MANES "Under Ein Blodravd Maane | THE UNSANE "The Quiet Room | ZUUL "Guillotine | EXCORIATE "On Pestilent Winds…

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