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Episode #26 - Old School
February 15, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan

Yet another episode under our belts and into our archives! The technological advancements of the new age have granted us the ability to provide you with another episode and an interview with Adam Zaars of Sweden’s TRIBULATION. Do you remember when we weren’t polluting your ears with new music? We sure do and how else could you find out about new tunes? Join us as we reminisce of the days that formulated our knowledge for metal as we know it. Of course within every episode there are laughs and rips at what apparently is awful music, but what about awful production from the new age of corporate crap; WHAT!? Just listen and find out!


DISGRACE "And Below Lies Eternity" | FUNERAL PYRE "Prosperity Of Satan's Reign" | HELL TORMENT "God of Death" | DR. LIVING DEAD! "Bearer Of Truth" | SANITY OBSCURE "Synergistic Permutations" | MYSTIFIER "(Invocacione) The Almighty Satanas" | TRIBULATION "Wanderer In The Outer Darkness" | NOCTURNAL FEAR "Kill the Enemy" | LUCIFER "Killchain" | SCYTHE "Das Leben, Das Ich Selbst Gewahlt" | DARKIFIED "A Summond For The Nameless Horrors" | TANK "Blood Guts And Beer (Demo version)"

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