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Episode #22 - Crave The Grave
November 30, 2012 Reaper / Eddie Satan

Join us as we give up on life with NEKROFILTH front man Zack. Of course we have obtained more material polluting the so called metal world which we review in the utmost negative fashion. They say don't judge a book by it's cover, unless of course that book has these shear signs that it will suck! Has Sweden taken all the credit for the "buzzsaw" guitar sound or do we need to give credit to Toronto.......HUH!?


MAGNUS "Terminator" | TOXIK DEATH "Thrash Forces Of Evil" | NEKROFILTH "Junky.... | JEX THOTH "Seperated At Birth" | KATARI "....By Serpents" | SVOID "Death Underneath" | UNCONSECRATED "Slave To The Grave" | WINDHAND "Heap Wolves" | BLOODY DEATH "Evil Spice" | PAGAN ALTAR "Highway Cavalier" | GHOUL "AS Your Casket Closes" | CARNAGE "Torn Apart"

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