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Episode #68 - Witchtanic Hellcastinations
October 28, 2016 Reaper / Dennis Delaware
In this episode we discuss Hell's Headbash, haircuts for metalheads and the fake band shirts that look like they could be real band shirts fad. While it being the release date for Crucified Mortals' new album "Psalms Of The Dead Choir", Reaper discusses the behind the scenes of the album. A cut and dry description, but what more do you need, it's Hellcast!


KERASPHORUS "Disturb The Furthest Stars" | ROTTEN UK "Reaper Follows" | SURGIKILL "Black Angel Assassin" | AGATUS "The Invisible" | CRUCIFIED MORTALS "Ominous Creatures" | WITCHTRAP "Disciple Of Death"

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