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Episode #65 - Poison Music: Surpassing Expectations
August 31, 2015 Reaper
Starting off with some random metal chit chat about live albums, disappointing reissues and Hells Headbash. We finally get to address the question to Obituary, What Happened!? We wrap things up with a definite "What The F!" so set your expectations high and brace yourself because they are about to be surpassed on this episode of HELLCAST!


NEBIROS "Pacto Con Lucifer" | THE HORDE OF TORMENT "Product Of A Sick" | NEKROFILTH "Street Fight" | OCTOBER 31 "The House Where Evil Dwells" | KORSAKOV "Disgustor" | MORBID MACABRE "Evil Possession" | HELLION "Nevermore" | NECROPHOBIC "Splendour Nigri Solis"

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