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Episode #63 - 666 Radio Hell
July 17, 2015 Reaper
Archiving the first live radio broadcast of HELLCAST, Reaper presents an episode in a slightly different form. Nothing short of a typical HELLCAST with a look into "metal news" stories, band submissions, fan mail, fan requests and of course a rant of the "Doom Metal" movement of current. Plus a playlist of new and old releases to tickle your fancy. From the 666 Radio Hell archives, it is HELLCAST!


HYDRA VEIN "Harlequin" | ACID WITCH "I'm Back" | DESTRUKTOR "Immaculate Deception" | NECROMUTILATOR "Wounds After The Nightmare" | EXECUTIONER "Your Life Is Over" | SKELETHAL "Putrefaction" | ANTIOCH "Phantoms Of The Sky" | BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY "Icons of Revolt" | REINO ERMITANO "El Sueño Del Condor"

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