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Episode #50 - Like An Everplaying Stream
July 14, 2014 Reaper
Armed to the teeth with material in celebration of our 50th episode! Joined by Kevin of GRAVEWURM we answer some nerdy metal questions from fans. As we give back to the fans and bands that have supported the show with submitting their material, we also have an extensive "What The F!?" to a handful of bands making ferocious metal, or so they say. Metal has an over abundance and whether or not it is bad bands labeling themselves incorrectly to thus make the search that much harder or a plentiful supply of our favorite styles, does it lose it's edge to be a metal fan? It certainly doesn't when you can look further than the riffs and into the ridiculousness that is most of the time unintentional and render hilarious results. There is no better way to pack an extended episode than plenty of laughs and uber dork discussion, as we hope to hear 50 times more on HELLCAST!


GRAVEWURM "Lord Of The Abyss" | RITUAL DECAY "An Oath To Spilling Blood" | WAKE "Vacant" | INFERNAL ASSAULT "Dark Lust" | CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY "Fear The Mohawk Reaper" | BLACKRAT "Vermin" | ETERNAL SEX AND WAR "Endless Dogmatic Demolition" | WARHOUND "Warriors Of Apocalypse" | HOLOCAUST LORD "Go To Hell" | MORBID SLAUGHTER "Wicca" | PAGAN ALTAR "The Witches Pathway"

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