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Episode #57 - Reek Of Dissatisfaction
November 17, 2014 Reaper
Metal is always viewed as extreme music and in most cases strives to be the most extreme music but we look beyond that to the reasons that metal is the most homoerotic form of music; it all makes sense! So many products have labels indicating the best way for you the consumer to enjoy them, so perhaps music or metal (in this case) is lacking such a label indicating what volume or EQ settings to enjoy it at. Behold the discussion of such and the implementation as we review various submitted tunes. It is a wonder how we haven't started this much earlier in our years of HELLCAST but needless to say it is overdue and the first of many, our list of Cover Songs That Should not Be! All this stuff and more await for you in this edition of HELLCAST!


NAZGHOR "Infestation The Flesh Womb Of Tartaros" | HOLY MOSES "Down On Your Knees" | BETRAYER FTM "Reasing Power" | MAJSTER KAT "Kto Si Bez Viny" | SOUL COLLECTOR "Pure - Evil" | TERRIFIER "Infernal Overdrive" | FALLEN F-ING ANGELS "Sign Of The Razor" | PHANTASMAL "The Reaper's Forge" | ORDER OF THELEMA "The Serpent And The Shrine" | REVENGE "Metal Warriors" | FATAL CASTRATION "Severe Lactose Intolerant" | EXECRATION "Ancient Tongue" | DEVASTATION "Slaughterer From Hell"

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