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Episode #56 - The Last Path On The Left
October 31, 2014 Reaper
It is Halloween and you are entitled to one big episode where somewhere along the line you can win yourself a CD! Attempting a Halloween theme, we start off discussing demons and their ties to metal, etc. From there we waste no time to get straight to the treat, or perhaps the trick? With another informative and wildly entertaining visit from the man the myth the legend: HELL'S BELLS! Punk and Metal go hand in hand a lot and so we take a look into horror punk, do they make what the fuck or do they jam? If this episode didn't fill your Halloween evening with jams, what playlist would you come up with yourself? And maybe the death metal versions of such classics can help that playlist. "I don't get it!?" Put down your candy corn and tune into HELLCAST!


GOATPENIS "W70 Nuclear Warhead" | VLADIMIRS "Serpent Girl" | OCTOBER '31 "Bury The Hatchet" | MORTICIAN "Redrum" | HORRIFIC "Death rock" | MORTUARY "Sacrilegious"

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