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Episode #61 - Drink The Blood Of Every Corpse
February 02, 2015 Reaper
In honor of Black History Month, Reaper has made a list of metal bands with black members and delves into their history. Adam Tranquilli of BLOOD FEAST joins the show and satisfies Reaper's nerdy curiosity on the past for the band and gets up to the present with a brand new BLOOD FEAST song you can hear for the first time here! Bands can be frustrating especially when you are anticipating new material for so long, SADISTIC INTENT may be most notorious for such frustration, tune in now and hear it all!


DIABOLIC "Venomous Habitations" | GOUGE "Breath Of The Reaper" | DWELL "A Collapse Sublime" | BLOOD FEAST "Off With Their Heads" | BLOOD FEAST "Bloodlust (Demo Version)" | SATANIC WARMASTER "Fimbulwinter's Spell" | PERDITION TEMPLE "Diluvium Ignis"

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