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Episode #59 - X-Mas Evil
December 22, 2014 Reaper
Another CD give-away, HHR 2014 playlist and hell of a show! We're ending the year with a bang, we take a look at some concerning current events in the world of extreme music. In many media forms you often hear "top picks" for the year's end and so HELLCAST takes a more interesting and insightful approach by sitting down all three owners of HELLS HEADBANGERS with their top 5 HHR releases of the year. Looking to find out what you may have missed this year? Reaper recaps on the entire release schedule of HHR is less than 5 minutes. What end of the year episode would be complete without a good ol' holiday tale, all this and more as we say f-nu to 2015 here on HELLCAST!


PERDITION TEMPLE "The Tempters Victorious" | DESTROYER 666 "Australian And Antichrist" | CENTURIAN "Evoking Demonstorms / Hell At Last" | EMBALMER "The Necro-Filing Cabinet" | CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY "Blackout" | SHED THE SKIN "Rebirth Through Brimstone" | BAT "Primitive Age" | SPEEDWOLF "I Am The Demon" | FORCE OF DARKNESS "Babylon Prison"

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