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Episode #54 - What Awful Awful Music
October 06, 2014 Reaper / Eddie Satan
As metal fans we hear a lot of stupid remarks from everyday people, most are trying to relate to us or understand the music we like. Sometimes you get that certain conversation you wish you could have recorded for your friends to laugh at. Reaper has finally captured one of these conversations and is very happy to play his experience. There have been numerous times as a fan browsing a catalog and stumbling across some band names that are just downright bad, we have a nice list and commentary for you! Accompanying these segments it wouldn't be Hellcast without various rants and discussions about numerous metal topics as you will find out by tuning into HELLCAST!


INCARCERATION "Forsaken And Forgotten" | GARDEN OF WORM "The Alchemist's Dream" | DEATH BEAST "Blood Of Dionysus" | DESTRUKTOR "Besieged" | STUDFAUST "Hell Is Full" | EXECUTION "Sworn To The Evil" | RUNNING WILD "Soldiers Of Hell" | ENTRAPMENT "Eternal Bliss" | LIVING DEATH "Rulers Must Come"

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