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Episode #53 - H355ca78.C
September 22, 2014 Reaper / Eddie Satan
Some say metal is being more accepted, but we say.....many things and eventually get to our opinion on whether it is or not. We have teamed up with the hit new game show METAL PRICE IS RIGHT who showcase various metal rarities from albums to memorabilia and their auction prices, can you guess their value? It finally has been addressed, MAYHEM.......What Happened!? Here it is from the cyberspace streaming, it's Hellcast!


WITCHTRAP " Queen Of Hell " | DIE HARD " I AM Possessed " | HELLMOUTH " The Calling Part II " | SACROCURSE " C.O.N.V.U.L.S.E. " | HELLWELL " Deadly Nightshade " | MORTADO " Annihilation Of The Human Scum " | INCRIMINATED " The Grand Downfall" | FUNERAL RITES " The Wintermoon " | CARDINALS FOLLY " The Spear Of Destiny "

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