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Episode #52 - Hellucifer Castical Doucheonslaught
September 08, 2014 Reaper / Eddie Satan
We start off with a rant on cassette tapes, the glorious moments we have had with them and the resurgence of this cryptic format. How many hours have you spent sitting around following along to lyrics, reading a new album's booklet front to back? The hours are not wasted and have made the importance that is liner notes. As if that didn't sound boring and nerdy enough why not throw in a discussion of storing vinyl? We wrap it up with a raised eyebrow to Wacken festival, you'll see why when you tune into this week's Hellcast!


MIDNIGHT "Try Suicide" | OFFAL "Putr-essence" | INQUISITION "Upon The Fire Winged Demon" | SABBATORY "Being, Thy Eternal Perplexor" | THRONE OF THE FALLEN "Esperando a (La Gran Bestia de los Cuernos)" | ALCOHOLOKAUST "Genocidio" | CRUCIFIED MORTALS "The Reaper's Blade" | KRATHERION "Eli, Eli Lama Sabacthani" | POWERLORD "Malice"

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