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Episode #49 - The Underground Never Dies!
June 24, 2014 Reaper / Eddie Satan
As it has been published The Underground Ground Never Dies, this statement could never hold true without everyone playing a part to keep it alive and so the discussion starts here; playing your part. But when others do not play their part things take a decline which brings us to a very important subject of bad venues! Underground = independent and a lot of times that can make things better or worse depending the circumstance, but from our standpoint we analyze does it affect the music? Your glorious hosts are back, teemed with another guest on this episode of HELLCAST!


CENTURIAN "Hail Caligula" | BLACKFINGER "All The Leaves Are Brown" | DECEPTOR "Heatseeker" | EMBALMER "There Was Blood Everywhere" | FLESH "Hell's Damnation" | LEGACY OF BLOOD "Infernal Cult Of Blood" | OUTRAGE "Delos" | PUTREFACT "Shadows On Earth" | RITUAL "Into The Night"

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