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Episode #48 - !!!Destroy Nu!!! And Then Some
June 09, 2014 Reaper / Eddie Satan
There are many things taking place in this episode that if we wrote them here it would sound less interesting than they are on the show, so can we be so arrogant to say "It's HELLCAST, ya know whatever they record will be great". We agree, "no"! But screw it, that's what we are going to do anyway and later in the show we have another installment of WHAT HAPPENED!? Stayed tuned to find out what band or individual is victim to a Hellcast rant and ripping!


TERMINAL DEATH "Celestial Execution" | DISSIMULATION "Ju Septynetas" | OLD YRON "Crazy Lady" | WOMBBATH "Beyond The Gloomy" | ABYSMAL GRIEF "The Gaze Of The Owl" | IRON KOBRA "Fists Of Fury" | MARDUK "A Sculpture Of The Night" | WITCH CROSS "Ride With The Wind" | VOMITOR "Salem Witches Grave"

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