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Episode #46 - Welcome To The Horror Show
April 07, 2014 Reaper / Eddie Satan
What is going on in this Episode!? An easy summary is a bunch of nerds chatting it up. We have the return of Eric (Hells Headbangers owner), artist Matt Putrid and for the first time Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul (The Lurking Corpses). It is literally a round table discussion and this one doesn't get nerdier! Brace yourself for HELLCAST!


THE LURKING CORPSES "Dead Girl" | CENTURIAN "Hail Caligula !!!" | NECROCCULTUS "Enter The Ominous Mausoleum" | DARK FOREST "Dyed In Crimson" | ANATOMIA "Human Lust" | FLESH "Taste For Blood" | DISFORTERROR "Brutality And Orgy" | IRON CROSS "Mistress Of The Dark" | HADES ARCHER "Salem's Curses" | NECROSIS "Fall In The Last Summer" | DEEP SWITCH "Pigfeeder!" | CARBONIZED "No Canonization"

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