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Episode #44 - Blasphemy and Perversion
January 27, 2014 Reaper / Eddie Satan
The metal world is erupted once more by the murder of Avaejee of SURRENDER OF DIVINITY and as the mainstream sites have been putting it as a "Fan murder" we shake our heads once more at the details they always miss and delve deeper into the tragedy with a more keen observation as opposed to their hungry attempt to expose breaking news to thus further their advertising opportunities. On a more nerdy side of things, sometimes we all see our "metal flame" flicker and try our best to get that kick that makes it burn brighter than ever. As current events would have it, we took the opportunity to get into the mind of a local Cleveland Metalist Joe Aufricht (who you may remember from the hilarious "Black Metal Prank Phone Call") to see if metal has had anything to do with warping the mind of who a lot of metal scenesters and everyday joes deem as an odd individual with a sadistic perversion. You don't have to wonder much longer as you tune into HELLCAST.


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