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Episode #43 - Mothers And Fathers Don't Hold Their Tooks
January 13, 2014 Reaper / Eddie Satan
We are joined again by another Hells Headbangers owner delving a little bit more behind the scenes into the creative side of past and present releases. Elaborate vinyl releases for HHR is an art form, but for others they seemingly jump on the bandwagon trying to grab your hard earned cash. But why clutter the house which such space taking records, is a suspected thought to the popular world of downloading music. But of course we can only speculate, What Happened in that regard and the discography for SACRED REICH. So turn down the volume to tonight's boring Monday Night Raw and blast HELLCAST!


SACRIFICIAL BLOOD "Reign Of Hate" | BLACK WITCHERY "Antichrist Order Of Holy Death" | NECROSANCT "Restless Dead" | FALSE PROPHET "Devil's Meat" | IRONSWORD "Hyperborean Hordes" | THE VEIN "The Poisoned Chalice" | MANTICORE "Sodomy In The Womb Of Paradise" | ISEN TORR "The Theomachist" | ATTOMICA "No Life Till Madness"

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