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Episode #41 - Graveyard Christmas
December 16, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
Tis the season to be jolly they say, but we are not jolly and so what a weird start to the show we have - angry calls, Six Feet Under Christmas album, Eddie stuck on the can. We get it together and discuss the misconceptions of "Classic" and "Mainstream" metal another deep thought of Reaper's. While we then move to one of Satan's deep thoughts, what are you spinning that isn't metal and how opening one's mind to outside genres may be good once and while. So when you Moms and kids are done getting your picture with Santa bring yourself a little holiday angst with Hellcast.


PROFANATICA "Ropes Of Hatred" | VERMINOUS "Immersed In Semen" | IRON MAN "Freedom Fighters" | ONIROPHAGUS "No Colours In This Earth" | RANCOR "Knocking At The Gates Of Hell" | BEASTCRAFT "Black Altar Of Death" | VULGAR DEVILS "Slump Buster" | ARES KINGDOM "Die By Power" | PENTAGRAM "Horror Vacui"

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