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Episode #38 - Hallowcast
October 25, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
Armed to the teeth with a fresh new episode! There is an apparent "unity" of the trendy mainstream and our beloved underground yet who says a thing!? REAPER and EDDIE are always upfront and candid about the incorrect pronunciations, accents or lyrics that they hear that make absolutely no sense - stay tuned for that hilarious analysis. But we have a question for Dave Mustaine, What Happened!? The heavy holy roller makeover cannot be a simple Halloween disguise and we'll show why.


CRUCIFIED MORTALS "Crippling The will Of Faith" | UNPURE "Sabbath" | TIGER JUNKIES "It's Happy Time" | NEKROFILTH "Crave The Grave" | NEKROFILTH "I'm A Degenerate" | MYSTICUM "Crypt Of Fear" | SIGN OF THE JACKAL "(Heavy Metal) Demons" | OCTOBER 31 "Salem's Curse" | FARSCAPE "Morbid Convent" | DR. SHRINKER "March Of The Undead" | CRUEL FORCE "Black Witch Of Doom"

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