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Episode #37 - Another one down......
September 13, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
The metal world has had a lot of interesting drama these past few months: solicited murder, producing drugs, fallen heroes and now abuse, leave it to the negative news to gain attention and it certainly gained ours! But perhaps that is just a cliche or maybe tradition in metal like the other things we take a look at and determine which. Judge not though or you will be judged and so we took it upon ourselves to decide whether or not - like most - did we abandon our religious upbringing because metal influenced us to? Does this famous bible quote hold any truth toward judging a band by their covers, appearance, etc; we think.................you should tune into Hellcast and find out!


INCANTATION "Emaciated Holy Figure" | NUNSLAUGHTER "Devil Metal" | IMPIETY "Commanding Death & Destroy" | ASOMVEL "No Twist Of Fate" | EROTIC DEVIL WORSHIP "Keepers of the Dirty Sound" | INFANT DEATH "Slave To The Grave" | DEATHWITCH "Blood Sucking...." | EMBRACE OF THORNS "Ceremonial rites Of Fornication" | WITCHBURNER "Path Of The Sinner" | ZARPA "Babilonia La Ramera" | SONS OF FAMINE "Orgies Of Conquest" | BLOODLUST "Infernal Bloodlust"

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