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Episode #36 - Swedish Death!
August 30, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
Sweden has always been a haven for metal so we figured it was time to chat with drummer Perra Karlsson best known with NOMINON as well as DIE HARD and the list goes on, so we let him spell it out. We decided it was time for us to analyze Mr. Chris Barnes' career to see "What Happened?" All the while throwing in a lot of random chit chat, so grab a seat, grab a sandwich and tune in to your beloved hosts Reaper and Eddie for this week's HELLCAST!


NEXUL "Nexulzifer" | CARDIAC NECROPSY "Abaddon Earth" | VASAELETH "Black Curse Upheld" | FAUST "Holy Hole" | BREAKNECK PACE "Restless Brain" | DEATHRONER "Hellbringer" | NOMINON "Mausoleum" | CHAOS INVOCATION "Funeral Messiah" | LUCIFERICON "Azazel's Torch" | TERRORAMA "Inanimate Omen" | MUTILATOR "Evil conspiracy" | MORTAL SIN "Lebanon"

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