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Episode #33 - Ungodly Music
July 04, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
As if we already didn't have a sentence to eternal damnation we certainly have earned it now! Eddie "was in question of his faith" from listening to heavy metal music so he consulted a faith help hotline and received some contradicting guidance from two different sources in his "walk". Mem Von Stein of EXUMER fame bursts from the flames for an interview and we set the record straight for all those misheard lyrics you've always had wrong. Plenty of great stuff to fulfill your Fourth of July! Make a real boom and upset your neighbors by blasting HELLCAST for your celebration.


VACANT GRAVE "Premature Burial" | MALICIOUS ONSLAUGHT "Beyond Evil" | PENETRATOR "Happy Beer's Day" | EXUMER "Vermin Of The Sky" | FOREST MIST "Gnosis" | IMPETUOUS RAGE "Rotting Devotion" | IMPIETY "Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration" | SLARTIBARTFASS "Der Letzte Winter" | WARBREATH "Wander" | CRUCIFIED MORTALS "You'll Wish You Were Dead" | BLACK STENCH "Of The Serpent Coiled In Human Bones" | SNAKESKIN ANGELS "Witch Chapel"

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